We can assess your child for performance against UK curriculum learning goals and provide a written report in English to assist you and their future international or UK school in making a judgement about their readiness for admission.

A typical assessment is conducted as follows: –

Initial parent interview: 15 minutes

English spelling, grammar and punctuation assessment: 30 minutes

English reading assessment: 45 minutes

English writing assessment: 30 minutes

Break: 15 minutes

Maths assessment: 45 minutes (if required)

Our assessments are professional, objective and fair. The subsequent assessment reports are based on the child’s performance in the various assessments on the day they undertake them and our subsequent evaluation. We cannot include information about the child’s past or future performance in our assessment reports.

Assessments take place on weekday mornings, or at weekends subject to availability. If you would like to book an appointment for your child to be assessed, please contact us as soon as possible.