These classes are tailored for 5 to 7 year-old learners who are entering Years 1 and 2 at international school.  The classes concentrate on the numeracy and literacy concepts that will help them reach the target level for their age group.

During this phase of your child’s education they will start to develop their English language skills and learn to apply them to specific tasks set by their teacher. They will learn to speak confidently and listen carefully to what others have to say. In terms of literacy, they should be at a level where they are able to read a book unaided, begin to use joined-up writing and construct grammatically balanced sentences with punctuation and tenses.

In numeracy, they will start to learn the fundamentals of mathematics and learn how to relate it to real situations and use mathematical language to talk about methods and explain reasoning. They will learn to count, read, write and order numbers to 100 and beyond, develop a range of mental calculation skills and use confidently in different settings and learn about shape and space. There is an emphasis on problem solving.

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