Our dedicated KS3 classes revise and reinforce the international school curriculum for Years 8 and 9, building a solid foundation for school readiness in September.

Our teaching staff are very experienced in identifying individual abilities, whether that is talent in a certain subject that just needs to be honed, or specific areas that need more attention.  Either way, we often see the greatest results in this age group as students discover they significantly improve, be it directly compared to their peers or more satisfyingly against the expectations of the school and indeed themselves.

In English Language there are four separate curriculum areas: grammar, punctuation and spelling (GAPS), reading, writing and spoken English. In English Literature, learners will develop a love of literature through focused reading activities across a wide range of styles and genres. They will be taught to plan, draft, edit and proof-read their work, considering how their writing reflects its intended audience and purpose, amending their vocabulary, grammar and structure to improve their writing, and paying attention to accurate spelling and punctuation.

In Maths, learners will be using mental and written methods, as well as calculators and ICT. They will be working on problems linked to other subjects, and also to everyday life.

Classes in English as an Additional Language (EAL), Science, Spanish and French are also available.

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