‘Today is my last day and I´m very sad because I´ve spent good times here. If I hadn´t come to this school I would have got bored at home. I´ve learned a lot of new things which are very interesting and my English has improved, because if you want to study a language in another country, the best thing is to speak English the whole time.

I met wonderful and fantastic teachers which were very friendly with us. I also met friends, very funny, crazy and nice friends, who helped me. I´m very happy I’ve spent my summer in this school. Thank you for this amazing August!!!’

C. T. (11),  Russian

‘When I came to Marbella life was impossible for me because I couldn’t enter an international school.  So now I’m in Angela’s School where I’m improving my level of English.  I’ve been here 2 months.  I have a wonderful teacher.  I would never have imagined I would have a teacher like her. She is a mother for me and considered as a friend and that, for me, is everything on this earth!’

R.K. (15), French

‘Today is my last day, and I am very happy. At the beginning, I was upstairs with the younger class. Then the work was getting easy and I was getting better so I went downstairs. When I started I was a little bit nervous but after a few days I met new friends.

I had four teachers that helped me so much. Thanks to them I have improved my English a lot and as today is my last day, I feel that I am prepared to go to international college.’

S.M. (11), Italian

‘This friendly little school is situated in the east of Marbella. As for me, I entered this school on the 6th of June and I was in that brilliant school until the 19th of August. There I made friends with students from different countries such as Hungary, Germany and Austria.  And I was very lucky with the teachers – they’re all the best (…)

You can improve there your English very much and they also give you different types of homework.  I can assure you that if you want to speak English, come to Angela’s School.’

R.K. (14), Russian

I’m an English girl living in Spain and I study at a Spanish state school.  I started coming to Angela’s School when I was just six years old.  I have been coming on a regular basis ever since in order to keep up my level of English.  Although I now consider my first language to be Spanish – because all my school lessons are in Spanish, all my friends are Spanish and I think and dream in Spanish – I realise how important it is to maintain a good level in English.  I am very grateful to all the fantastic teachers who have taught me and continue to teach me at Angela’s School.  I am now preparing to take my Cambridge Preliminary exam, which I will need when I go to university. When I grow up I want to be a forensic scientist.

H.L. (12), English

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