The most vital aspect of the support provided at Marbella Study Centre is probably difficult for teachers in international schools to evaluate.

It comprises the help given with the transition from a foreign education system to the requirements of a local international school. Often a tremendous adjustment is needed by all members of  the family.  Marbella Study Centre offers a welcoming, supportive and secure environment for the children, and at the same time, a rich and dynamic learning experience.

We promote integration with the local community, socialising and making new friends with other learners at the centre. We continue to emphasise the core values established when the school was founded over 30 years ago:

  • Respect for other learners, teachers and the community
  • Good behaviour including politeness, sharing and collaboration
  • A positive attitude towards learning

The child that enters international school is often very different to the child that entered Marbella Study Centre only a few months earlier. This is what we call  the ‘Magic Factor’.