Who are our students? Mainly pupils in transition  who need preparation for the demanding entrance exams set by the local international schools. Three or four times a year we prepare students who are leaving the Coast and need to pass entrance exams set by top UK schools. Sometimes one sibling gets a place in an international school but there is no place for the other brother or sister who is then put on a waiting list and continues his or her education with us.  We stay in contact with the destination school until that much wanted place comes up.

Right now we have two young up and coming sportsmen who need to fit their schooling around a demanding early morning and afternoon training schedule. Interestingly we find sports persons have a disciplined, no nonsense approach to their studies. One of them has been attending Angela’s morning school for five years. Next year he will do IGCSE maths, English and Business Studies with us.

If there is a ripple of trouble in one of the countries around the Mediterranean basin we  provide  safe and immediate schooling for the affected children who will continue their education with us until they can return to their home country, or, we ready them for entry into a local international school to continue their education abroad permanently.

Angela’s morning school serves as a drop in study facility for students who need to pass particular exams urgently. An IELTS pass is required by some universities in Europe and the USA. The UK visa authorities sometimes require an IELTS pass for a student’s visa depending on the nationality of the student. We help students prepare for their IELTS exams in the morning.

Our many, many years of teaching experience allows us to provide a warm, friendly and secure classroom for children who need to take time out of the mainstream classroom for whatever reason.

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