We can offer further support to learners who are experiencing difficulties in the classroom.  They will benefit from our one-to-one multi-sensory learning sessions in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Children experiencing learning difficulties are too often seen by others as lazy, not motivated, or even below normal intelligence. They need lots of support and encouragement from teachers, family and friends to prevent feelings of inadequacy and isolation.

They will also need special help in learning in all areas, although our support normally focuses on promoting the development of literacy skills.  Intervention strategies include work on the alphabet, phoneme and word-building strategies for reading, spelling rules, dictation and memory skills.  We also encourage techniques for the development of focus and concentration, study and organizational skills, and handwriting and presentation skills.

All skills are practiced and reinforced, incorporating learning games and activities, and allowing each child to progress at his or her own pace and without pressure of any kind.

The multi-sensory approaches to reading, spelling and writing that we adopt  have already transformed the lives of thousands of children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, mild Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD all over the world. They are also widely recognized as being extremely beneficial in developing literacy skills in all children.

The sessions are offered by Miss Clare, who is a Hornsby trained dyslexia consultant and a member of the Dyslexia Guild.

Miss Clare supports your child with a tailored programme according to his or her own learning needs.  These needs are determined by initial assessments (typically 2 x 45-minute sessions), an informal speaking session with you and your child to discuss personal goals, and by reference to the child’s recent school and professional reports.

The tailor-made programme is delivered in regular one-hour lessons, usually once or twice a week after school or at weekends.  Progress assessments are made at regular intervals.

Miss Clare also works with children of all ages who are experiencing problems with maths.  These learning difficulties are sometimes called dyscalculia and can often accompany dyslexia, AD/HD and other learning difficulties.  Miss Clare’s work focuses primarily on providing the foundation for understanding the underlying concepts of maths.